san clemente glass house

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matt easton is a singer, composer, & producer based in los angeles.

With over 14 million streams under his belt, the Chicago-born composer, singer, songwriter, and producer Matt Easton debuts his emotionally nostalgic new single 'San Clemente Glass House'. With an original sound that incorporates soulful singing with live instruments and a touch of alternative hip hop, Matt's sound has matured into a unique style that reflects his new experiences after moving across the country in 2016. The multi-faceted artist has proven his strength as a performer and producer, having scored for the Emmy award-winning video 'It Gets Better' for the Principal Financial Group, as well as appearing on the second season of the X Factor in the US. His live performances include engaging piano instrumentals that accompany his crafted lyrical style. Matt's new single showcases his new musical content, dwelling deep into the struggles of leaving the comfort of his hometown to find creative freedom in California. Stay tuned for Matt Easton's new releases and show dates coming soon. 

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